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Broad Cove Collective was founded to provide a personalized real estate experience guided by local professionals within the industry. We consider ourselves “stakeholders” in Maine’s future development.

Broad Cove provides a wide spectrum of brokerage level real estate services in-house. Additionally, we have built a network of like-minded local “Mainers” working collectively with Broad Cove to achieve our Clients' goals.
Most importantly, at Broad Cove Collective we want to learn about you. Success means different things to different Clients. We want to understand your vision of success. We believe that your vision combined with our expertise and collective resources will form the foundation of a long-term relationship.


Greg Perry has been an active licensed commercial real estate broker since 2006. He’s a proud Mainer and has watched the growth and transition of our State for nearly the last half century! Always actively involved both professionally and civically, Greg values and fosters all of the relationships he’s built throughout his career.

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